July 2015

Local Bus Service - NYCC consultation on significant cuts: April 2016

Further changes to our local bus service have been proposed and the City Council are running a public consultation exercise to gather some feedback. If you ever use the buses we encourage you to read the detail and take part in the consultation.

NYCC have launched a consultation on their proposals to reduce their funding for bus services by a further 25%, with effect from April 2016.

The impact of these proposals on this service would be to reduce it to three buses a day to Poppleton Bar P&R, with passengers having to change buses there to reach York city centre. Passengers will not be able to buy through tickets, and ENCTS-holders will have to pay the fare to travel to York. Connections will not be guaranteed on journeys from York. The consultation runs until 14 August 2015, and you can give feedback on the proposals at northyorks.gov.uk/bussubsidy.