August 2014

Traffic Safety - New Road - A59 Junction

As mentioned in May's Newsletter, there is a general concern about the safety of the junction where New Road meets the A59. We are all aware of the increasing size and number of vehicles using the junction to reach the Hessay Industrial Estate and general speed of traffic on the A59.

Our local City Councillor Chris Steward has presented our case within the CYC, and asked that the junction be improved by widening New Road between the A59 and the level crossing.

You are still welcome to email personal accounts of incidents at the junction to support his presentation. His email address is:

Traffic Safety - Main Street

The Parish Council is also aware of villagers' concerns about the speed of vehicles approaching Main Street from the West.

The Parish Council have agreed to discuss measures to encourage motorists to reduce their speed before reaching the village. Your thoughts and suggestions, perhaps informed by effective examples seen in other villages, would be welcome. Please speak to a councillor or email the Parish Council.

We would also like to draw your attention to this article in the York Press recently which emphasises that we need to act proactively to have our concerns heard by reporting incidences of speeding in the village: York Press report.

Le Tour Village Party

The Parish Council has been asked to forward this message on behalf of the organising committee of Le Tour Village Party:

'The Organising Committee have had a long list of people to thank and we mention many of them on the website. It was a magnificent team effort, and not least we would particularly like to thank everyone who bought tickets, and brought their visiting family & friends. Without this support and encouragement the party simply couldn't have been the success that it was.'

Le Tour Village Party website

The party paid for itself and a modest surplus has been returned to the Parish Council earmarked to support future community events.

There is still some remaining lost property found after the party. Details of the remaining items and who to contact to retrieve them are also on the website.


There are presently two vacant allotments in Hessay. If anyone would like to rent either of them please contact the Parish Clerk for more information.

Hessay Community Facebook Page

In case you are not aware of it, there is a new community page on Facebook for the Village. It is independent of the Parish Council but has been set up to act as an electronic notice board for the local community. It can be found here.

Items for Parish Council Meeting Agenda

Residents are always welcome to put forward items for discussion at Parish Council meetings.

It is worth noting that a fully itemised agenda must be published in advance of any meeting, and that our parish council, as with any parish council, has a limited set of legal powers; the Parish Council may not have the appropriate authority act in response to a particular request.

If you have a suggestion for the agenda of a Parish Council meeting, in the first instance we recommend that you speak to a councillor or the Clerk, or email your request. Please give as much notice as you can, at least two week's notice in advance of the next meeting. If the Clerk is of the opinion that the council does not have the appropriate authority to act you will be advised that this is the case.

Future dates

The Parish Council will meet next on Wednesday, 10th September 2014 at 7.30pm in the Methodist Chapel Schoolroom.