May 2013

The 2012-2013 Annual Report - shared at the Annual Parish Meeting

Throughout the past year the Parish has been represented by Councillors, Mark Barratt (Chairman, 01904 737171) Roger Hildreth, Andrew Hardcastle, Helen Candy & Penny Taylor. James Mackman (01904 781752) continues as Clerk.

Roads, Paths & Overweight Vehicles

The footpath along Shirbutt lane has been cleared of moss and surface vegetation, and the roadside gutter cleared along Main Street using community payback.

The additional signage and road markings identifying the junction of New Road from the A59 were completed in 2012.

The condition of potholed roads within the village has been on the agenda at every meeting, potholes are regularly reported to City of York Council who are normally quick to affect repair. A more permanent fix is being sought for the area directly outside Hessay industrial estate, which seems to break out almost immediately it has been repaired. We have requested a site meeting with a representative form City of York Council to establish what can be done to improve the entrance to the industrial estate. It is hoped that improvements could lead to less damage to the road surface; kerb and footpath, whilst reducing the number of overweight vehicles passing through the village illegally. If overweight vehicles are observed passing through the village and their details can be obtained we would encourage details to be forwarded on to the police. It is believed that there is sufficient will in the village for residents to maintain an action group to gather and collate offender’s details.

Hessay Pond

Snowdrops and English Bluebell have been planted. The area has been well maintained and the grass regularly cut, an area within the pond area has been left untouched for the benefit of wildlife.

The water level of the pond has been very high for much of the previous year though this does not appear to have caused any long term damage. The verge outside the pond was damaged earlier in the year by Yorkshire water who have given reassurance that they will make good the damage.

It is intended that the bench alongside the pond will be refurbished as soon as is possible.

Willow Garth

An English oak tree “The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee oak tree” has been planted as a replacement for the willow tree which needed felling owing to its dangerous condition.

The hedge planted last year looks to have established well even though the odd hawthorn plant has disappeared.

We were unsuccessful in securing grant funding from Yorventure towards conservation work in Willow Garth. It is the Councillor’s intention to start ourselves some of the conservation work detailed by the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTVC). The unseasonal weather of the past year has lead to a number of working parties being arranged and then cancelled. When the weather finally became suitable birds had already started nesting and yet again we found ourselves having to defer our start. It is hoped that we will be able to commence the work in the coming autumn.


The 2012-13 growing season has been challenging on part of the weather and of hungry rabbits. The Parish Council has applied for a number of grants to improve the allotments (none of the applications have proved successful.) £250 has been allocated from Parish Council funds to provide rabbit proof fencing materials at the allotments.

At the time of writing there is no vacant plot available for the current season. Though if you interested in taking an allotment in the village please we will try and make space for a new plot.

Registration of Parish Council Land

The Parish Council currently holds a number of statutory declarations for the parcels of land which it owns. The next step is to have the declarations signed in the presence of a solicitor; we hope to have the registration completed soon.

Christmas Tree

We have received consent from City of York Council to plant a permanent Christmas tree in the playground area along Main Street, we have agreed to buy and plant a suitable tree in Autumn 2013.


This website is being used as a primary means of communication.

We continue to circulate emails of Parish Council activities to as many residents of the village as possible. We would like to reach everyone in the village: please could you ensure that we have your email address if you would like to receive these updates. Please either email your name and email address to or use the subscriber form on this site.

If you know of someone who has recently moved into the village or of a neighbour we are not covering please encourage them to pass on their details.

Broadband speed in the village is unacceptably slow; Hessay is proving as not attractive to many of the private sector schemes currently in operation. We continue to identify a suitable scheme to improve the provision of broadband within the village.

Feedback from previous years' initiatives

Bulb planting

The daffodil bulbs planted in previous years throughout the village have established well and are beginning to multiply.

Owl boxes

At least two of the owl boxes previously installed have been used in the last year.