March 2012

Conservation work on Parish Land and another thank you

The Parish Council has continued its efforts to maintain and improve areas of parish land.

The diseased willow has been removed from Willow Garth, opposite the pond. Hawthorns have been planted along the fence in Willow Garth and in front of the allotments. Thank you to Stuart Cariss who helped Mark Barratt and Roger Hildreth with the planting.

In the coming weeks it is proposed that another bulb planting working party will transplant some snow drops and English Bluebells around the pond area. If anyone were able to lend a hand it would be much appreciated; further information will follow.

The Council has also agreed to apply for a grant for a Wetland Recreation Project in Willow Garth and will let you know the outcome in time.

Diamond Jubilee

Did you know, Hessay has traditionally marked Jubilee celebrations with the planting of trees? More historical information and photographs are being collated.

To mark the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee the Council has decided to plant an oak tree; to be known as the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Oak.

The Parish Council would be pleased to hear of any other Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the village and would be glad to help publicise events for the village as a whole.

News from York City Council

The City Council has announced that it intends to close the Beckfield Lane Household Waste Centre with effect from 16th April 2012. Further information about the closure and alternative facilities provided by the Council are available on their website:

The City Council has reduced the funding for our ward, Rural West Ward funding, from 30,000 to 6,000 for 2012-13 and redefined the eligibility criteria for funding applications. Unfortunately the applications that Hessay Parish Council had made to the fund (to fence the allotments and fund further bird and bat boxes) no longer meet the criteria and have been disqualified.

Broadband North Yorkshire

You may be aware of Broadband North Yorkshire, the campaign to get the county connected to high speed internet. There is more information on their website:

Currently broadband speeds in Hessay can be quite poor but it is interesting to see that Nun Monkton and Moor Monkton have improved their broadband provision significantly recently. Their story is told here:

If you have a view on this or any other aspect of the village we would be glad to hear it.

Annual Parish Meeting - 9th May at 7pm

All residents are warmly invited to the Annual Parish Meeting in the Methodist Chapel School Room. You are welcome to come and discuss any issues local to the Centre of Yorkshire. These might include, but are not limited to, village amenities and meeting spaces, broadband provision, the phone box, and local conservation projects.

If you are unable to attend the meeting you can send your comments to the Council on the Contact Us page of the website, or via e-mail Your contribution would be appreciated.

Dates for your diary

The Annual Parish Meeting will be on Wednesday 9th May at 7pm in the Methodist Chapel School Room, to be followed by...

The next Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 9th May at 8pm in the Methodist Chapel School Room.